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I used to work alone. 

☠️  I thought I could figure everything out myself. 

☠️  I didn't realize how many decisions were needed to build a business.

☠️  I found it difficult to finish projects. 

☠️  I got further and further behind, which delayed revenue. 

☠️  Working alone caused me to second-guess myself. 

As a result, my confidence went KAPUT

I needed community, feedback, and mentorship. Participating in a community changed everything. 

If you're at that awful place, I get it. 

But there's good news! 

Be A Part of the Engagement Evolution

Introducing a New Way to Stay On Top of Your Game!

Resilient Creator Community


It's time to confidently move forward and transform your ideas into revenue with a clear and marketable message within a friendly community.

No longer will the internal or external challenges of entrepreneurship stop you from achieving your goals. 

😧 Growing a business isn't easy. 

😉 Community makes it better. 

🤩 Support makes it possible.

This community is perfect for entrepreneurs who need to get things done to move forward and scale.

Discover a Variety of Content for Leaders On The Go. 

It's all inside our private community. 

You can follow or unfollow any topic and control your email notifications.  

A Community Where Faith-Minded Leaders Can Thrive

Resilient Creator Community provides:

  • Encouraging articles to protect your mindset.
  • LIVE Training Calls to cultivate your skills
  • Practical Marketing Tips to grow your influence.
  • Free Resources to facilitate implementation
  • And a private community to crowdsource your ideas and cheer you on.

If you're tired of working in isolation and ready to be a part of a growing, like-minded community, look no further. 

👉👉👉 Your Monthly Subscription is Only $7.00 a month!  

(Join at this introductory price. Cancel at any time.)

Imagine What You Could Accomplish With...

✅ A safe environment where questions become your keys to success

✅ A place to crowdsource ideas to build confidence.

✅ Exclusive training and resources to become proficient online

✅ Networking opportunities for meaningful relationships

✅ Recommended online tools that will simplify internal systems  

✅ Tech clarity and tutorials for the non-tech-savvy entrepreneurs 

✅ Marketing tips to help you grow your business.

It's all here waiting for you with just one login. 

So join and take advantage of this limited-time introductory offer!

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At Last, a Place to Call Home

You’ll be amazed to discover my marketing strategies are simple yet effective. Less is more–especially when building an online business. 

My online story began with a 30-pound Compaq floppy-drive monster–it was love at first sight.

I followed the technological evolution and currently help small businesses leverage the internet by breaking down the marketing barriers that hinder growth and success.

As an online brand expert and certified copywriter, I help do-it-yourself entrepreneurs confidently write compelling copy that converts and builds a memorable brand.

I'm the host of the Resilient Faith Online Show, a podcast that tackles both the internal and external challenges of entrepreneurship.